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  • Hotels, Motels, & Resorts | UnWired Engineering

    Hotels, Motels, & Resorts UnWired Engineering can help hospitality operators provide exceptional WiFi and guest experience in several ways, including: Network Design and Optimization: UnWired can design and optimize the hotel's Wi-Fi network to ensure that it provides reliable, high-speed internet access throughout the property. This includes analyzing network performance, identifying areas with weak signals or slow speeds, and making necessary adjustments to improve coverage and speed. Network Security: UnWired can help secure the hotel's Wi-Fi network, protecting it from hacking, malware, and other security threats. This includes implementing firewalls, intrusion detection systems, and other security measures to keep the network and guests' data safe. Guest Support: UnWired can provide guest support services, such as a help desk or a dedicated phone line, to assist guests with any issues they may have with the Wi-Fi network or other IT services. Monitoring and Maintenance: UnWired can monitor the hotel's Wi-Fi network and other IT systems to ensure that they are running smoothly and performing at their best. This includes performing regular maintenance and updates to keep the network running smoothly and minimizing downtime. Analytics and Reporting: UnWired can provide analytics and reporting on the hotel's Wi-Fi network usage, such as the number of guests using the network, the types of devices being used, and the amount of data being consumed. This information can be used to optimize the network's performance and plan for future upgrades. By providing these services, UnWired can help hospitality operators provide a seamless and exceptional guest experience, including reliable and fast Wi-Fi access. This, in turn, can help improve guest satisfaction, drive repeat business, and increase revenue for the hotel.

  • Why Choose Us | UnWired Engineering

    Why Choose UnWired Engineering? 01. We specialize in enterprise-level network deployments where integration, reliability and performance are critical. Our team has deep experience and are fully certified in the systems we design and install. 02. The integration of complex building systems is critical, and it can save hundreds of thousands of dollars in parallel cabling and network costs and management time for developers and operators if not considered up front. Let us show you the value of integration of your; IOT, Nurse Call, Video Surveillance, Access Control, Fire, Wi-Fi, DirecTV, Digital signage, Community channels, and networked systems. 03. We have completed projects all over the US. Including design build Sr Living projects in, Arizona, Tacoma, Seattle, Texas, and Minnesota. We are a preferred partner of several of the nations leading developers and management companies. No project is too big… 04. UnWired Engineering also provides 24×7 End User Technical Support 365 days per year. Offering strict SLA management and transparent ticketing and incident tracking systems. Every call is answered by a live person the first time. 05. Whether it’s a new construction project or a retrofit of an existing property we can meet your needs and a costly in time-effective way. Give us a call and experience the Unwired difference.

  • Tools & Tips | UnWired Engineering

    Self Help Tools & Tips Here is a collection of some self-help files and customer resources for download .

  • Markets | UnWired Engineering

    Who We Serve Our Mission Deliver extraordinary customer experiences, developing relationships of trust and building an exemplary reputation by amplifying our individual contributions and value. ​ We specialize in and service Multi Dwelling Unit (MDU) properties. We provide information technology design, integration, deployment and management. MDU Community Solutions Hotels, Motels, & Resorts RV Parks & Campgrounds Student Housing Restaurants, Bars, & Fitness Centers Medical Carrier - WISP

  • Support | UnWired Engineering

    Support Services Proactive monitoring, alerting and reporting on all your network hardware and systems. Our 24/7/365 monitoring service actively scans and identifies current and potential issues before they spin out of control, and alerts appropriate staff. We become an extension of your business, and true Partner. Because our Service Plan is based on a flat monthly fee allowing you the ability to budget your IT costs annually, we assume both the financial and technical risks in our relationship, fueling our commitment to continuously identify and deliver solutions that improve your efficiencies and reduce downtime – as a true Partner should. Customer Portal If you are staff of our managed properties you can login with your corporate email and password. Residents and Guests use the toll free number. Login to Property Management Support Portal Quick Live Support Your business’ best defense is a good offense and waiting for an IT emergency to strike could land your business in financial hot water. With UnWired’s cutting edge IT services and 24/7 help desk support we take the growing pains out of managing your IT infrastructure, allowing our team to assist your employees directly from their desktops – optimizing workflow productivity, while minimizing downtime, and maximizing return on investment. ​ If you have a scheduled meeting with one of our techs you can allow Remote Desktop Access via portal link below. Start Remote Session

  • Medical | UnWired Engineering

    Medical Hospitals have proven to be some of the most challenging RF environments. With multiple floors, large campuses, sophisticated machinery, metal, electrical devices, and a high density of mobile users (doctors, nurses, volunteers, visitors, etc.). Designing the correct RF network in this environment isn’t for the faint of heart. ​ UnWired provides our customers with world-class indoor/outdoor wireless technology and CPE appliances that can withstand the high demands/needs of hospital environments. ​ Our Managed Services team can proactively manage and support your network, desktops,and systems.

  • Company | UnWired Engineering

    Our Company Our Mission is to provide you with the most reliable and cost- effective network solutions that will meet your needs. ​ Unwired engineering experience is extraordinary. We have completed projects all over the US. Including design build Sr Living projects in Arizona, Tacoma, Seattle, Texas, and Minnesota. We are a preferred partner of several of the nation's leading developers and management companies. No project is too big… ​ We specialize in the integration of complex building systems. Saving hundreds of thousands of dollars in parallel cabling and network costs for developers. Whether it’s a new construction project or a retrofit of an existing property we can meet your needs and a costly in time-effective way. Give us a call and experience the Unwired difference. Our Clients Unwired Engineering is proud to work with our below partners and clients. Referrals ​ We understand and truly value referrals. Referrals are how we have grown our business in the past, and how we intend to continue our growth in the future. At Unwired, we define a referral as “recommending someone you care about, to someone you trust.” Our team will always strive to not only be someone you trust, but also to provide a total system and solution that is unmatched. ​ Contact us today and ask about our referral fees, whether you are an existing customer or not!

  • Carrier - WISP | UnWired Engineering

    Carrier - WISP UnWired has extensive sales experience and engineering expertise to assist our carrier/WISP customers build complex wireless and GPON networks throughout North America. Our IT managed services and help desk currently operates large community networks.

  • Cyber Security | UnWired Engineering

    Cyber Security Services As businesses around the country become more enveloped in the digital age, the risk of cyber-attacks and data breaches of their digital assets grows exponentially. Cyber-attacks are not limited to large companies, in fact 71% of cyber-attacks happen to businesses with less than 100 employees. ​ UnWired Managed Network Solutions has developed a complete collection of services meant to meet the network & cyber security needs of businesses of all industries and sizes. We approach network & cyber security as a business management matter with an emphasis on employees, company process & habits, and most importantly, technology. Our cyber security services are meant to protect your business from established threats as well as new vulnerabilities as they emerge. We’ll be able to measure the relative risks associated with major systems and processes to help you prioritize which elements require your attention first. The quicker your weaknesses can be addressed, the sooner you can mitigate threats to your profitability, reduce the chances of fines and penalties from regulatory bodies and continue unfettered towards your mission. Unified Cyber Network Security Services We combine strategy and technology to address our customers’ multifaceted cyber security challenges. Check out the services we offer as part of our Cyber Network Security suite. ​ Constant Advanced Threat Management – Using products like OpenDNS, Firewalls, or the UnWired Gateway, we’ll constantly monitor activity on your network and end point devices to determine, quarantine and remove threats before they can cause any damage. ​ Network Behavior Analysis – Get full transparency in to all your company workstations and mitigate internal threats such as IP/data theft, financial fraud, or other inappropriate behavior. ​ Vulnerability Management – Signature based intrusion detection system monitors packets moving in and out of your network to correlate against pre-determined attack patterns. ​ Unified Threat Management Firewall – The UnWired UTM Security Gateway & Firewall is a versatile and scalable appliance that delivers advanced services beyond that of a traditional firewall. ​ Event & Incident Management – Real time information and monitoring of end point devices. Logging and archiving of activities with advanced analysis and reporting. ​ Network Access Policy Monitoring – Develop and enforce policies that define who can access your network and to what extent. ​ Behavioral Intrusion Detection – Quickly identify abusive end users and quarantine malicious users attacking your network. ​ Whether you’re a large corporation with a global presence, or a new local startup, our suite of managed cyber security services will enhance your existing security programs, infrastructure and personnel while simultaneously mitigating your internal burden on maintaining information security and compliance. < Back

  • Unwired Engineering | MSP | MDU | ALF | RVPK

    At UnWired Engineering, we're more than a Managed IT service provider. We're a partner invested in connecting your world. Catering specifically to business, Multi-Dwelling Units (MDUs) and senior living facilities, our expertise lies in seamlessly integrating resident Wi-Fi, Nurse Call, IoT, access control, and other low voltage systems. ​ Our uniquely managed services are designed with your needs in mind, ensuring that your IT infrastructure is not just efficient, but also reliable. We believe in the power of good connections, not just in technology, but in building strong, lasting relationships with our partners. ​ We understand the responsibility that comes with caring for a community. That's why we promise a caring yet professional service to all our clients, reflecting our deep commitment to the wellbeing of residents and the smooth running of your facility. Choose UnWired Engineering, where technology meets compassion, and experience a connection like no other. + Find out more Our Services Our Services & Capabilities You don’t have time to worry about interrupted service. At Unwired Engineering, we know the best technology is the kind you don’t have to think about. Our customized solutions are designed to meet your specific needs and simplify your experience with technology integrators. You can count on UnWired for premium technology solutions, expert installation, and a responsive support staff. We are committed to providing the same experience your customers expect from you. We do technology so you don’t have to. IT Managed Services 24/7 Proactive Management We monitor your IT systems around the clock, resolve issues before they cause you problems, and constantly work maintain productivity and security. + Learn More Custom MDU Gateway Controllers UnWired has developed a line of custom gateway controllers and tools purpose built for the Sr. Living, Apartments, and other amenity network management needs. We provide total control of Resident and Guest internet access. + Learn More Alexa for Assisted Living Unwired Engineering is one of a few select Amazon for Hospitality (AWS) developers. We have developed Custom Skills, conducted clinical testing and is now offering ALEXA Skills for senior living communities around the U.S. + Learn More Wifi & Cable Engineering & installation Certified design and engineering staff can design, quote, and install structured cabling and enterprise wireless networks per your unique project needs. + Learn More DirecTV MDU Provider UnWired is an MDU service provider. We design, install and support community wide DirecTV solutions. + Learn More Safe and Secure Nothing is more critical than the safety of your residents. We install and support Emergency Responce , Fire Safety, Access Control, Video Servalance, VOIP, & resilient networks solutions + Learn More Testimonials The technician was super patient, responsive, took time to resolve the issue, and was courteous. I was so relieved once the printer was able to work again. American Groves Some of Our Favorite Technology Partners Ready to find out more? Unwired Engineering has experience with a wide variety of network deployments. We will design, deploy and if you need it, support your network 24/7. Reach out to us today to learn more on how we can help you reach your technology goals. + Get free evaluation Contact

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