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Security Room

Cyber Security Services

As businesses around the country become more enveloped in the digital age, the risk of cyber-attacks and data breaches of their digital assets grows exponentially. Cyber-attacks are not limited to large companies, in fact 71% of cyber-attacks happen to businesses with less than 100 employees.

UnWired Managed Network Solutions has developed a complete collection of services meant to meet the network & cyber security needs of businesses of all industries and sizes. We approach network & cyber security as a business management matter with an emphasis on employees, company process & habits, and most importantly, technology.


Our cyber security services are meant to protect your business from established threats as well as new vulnerabilities as they emerge. We’ll be able to measure the relative risks associated with major systems and processes to help you prioritize which elements require your attention first.


The quicker your weaknesses can be addressed, the sooner you can mitigate threats to your profitability, reduce the chances of fines and penalties from regulatory bodies and continue unfettered towards your mission.


Unified Cyber Network Security Services

We combine strategy and technology to address our customers’ multifaceted cyber security challenges. Check out the services we offer as part of our Cyber Network Security suite.

Constant Advanced Threat Management – Using products like OpenDNS, Firewalls, or the UnWired Gateway, we’ll constantly monitor activity on your network and end point devices to determine, quarantine and remove threats before they can cause any damage.

Network Behavior Analysis – Get full transparency in to all your company workstations and mitigate internal threats such as IP/data theft, financial fraud, or other inappropriate behavior.

Vulnerability Management – Signature based intrusion detection system monitors packets moving in and out of your network to correlate against pre-determined attack patterns.

Unified Threat Management Firewall – The UnWired UTM Security Gateway & Firewall is a versatile and scalable appliance that delivers advanced services beyond that of a traditional firewall.

Event & Incident Management – Real time information and monitoring of end point devices. Logging and archiving of activities with advanced analysis and reporting.

Network Access Policy Monitoring – Develop and enforce policies that define who can access your network and to what extent.

Behavioral Intrusion Detection – Quickly identify abusive end users and quarantine malicious users attacking your network.

Whether you’re a large corporation with a global presence, or a new local startup, our suite of managed cyber security services will enhance your existing security programs, infrastructure and personnel while simultaneously mitigating your internal burden on maintaining information security and compliance.

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