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young it engeneer business man with thin modern aluminium laptop in network server

Engineering & Installation Services


UnWired brings industry-leading design and performance to its comprehensive lineup of commercial televisions, audio systems, projectors, and paging systems.  Ask us how we can improve your guest experience.


We can integrate your network, Wi-Fi and IOT into one network allowing you to save on your energy bill every month. Tax incentives and grants by utility companies in many cases can completely offset the cost of installing.

Smart thermostats and lighting systems can be controlled from one central location enabling you to set reasonable parameters on the operation and power consumption of your building.

Residence will appreciate the ability to also integrate these control systems with our Alexa voice activated solution.


Increase safety and peace of mind while decreasing exposure and liability with a system designed to meet your current and future needs.

Delivering high quality security surveillance solutions is complex and requires lots of knowledge with no room for error.


We build flexible and custom surveillance systems designed for your site’s unique security needs while you stay on top of any accidents, thefts, or suspicious activity.


If you need it, we make it work.  Let UnWired help you find the best options for your telephone service and equipment needs. Scalable, reliable communications are needed to provide the best customer experience to guests, while streamlining your operations.


Let our Certified team design and install the backbone of your network. Today's Digital solutions require the right cable for high-speed communications.  Single Mode Fiber and Cat6 cable drive IP, TV, Phone, and data services. Now build or retro fit you want to make sure it is in the right location and installed correctly to support your current and future needs.  

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