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At UnWired Engineering, we're more than a Managed IT service provider. We're a partner invested in connecting your world. Catering specifically to business, Multi-Dwelling Units (MDUs) and senior living facilities, our expertise lies in seamlessly integrating resident Wi-Fi, Nurse Call, IoT, access control, and other low voltage systems.

Our uniquely managed services are designed with your needs in mind, ensuring that your IT infrastructure is not just efficient, but also reliable. We believe in the power of good connections, not just in technology, but in building strong, lasting relationships with our partners.

We understand the responsibility that comes with caring for a community. That's why we promise a caring yet professional service to all our clients, reflecting our deep commitment to the wellbeing of residents and the smooth running of your facility. Choose UnWired Engineering, where technology meets compassion, and experience a connection like no other.

Our Services

Our Services & Capabilities 

You don’t have time to worry about interrupted service. At Unwired Engineering, we know the best technology is the kind you don’t have to think about. Our customized solutions are designed to meet your specific needs and simplify your experience with technology integrators. You can count on UnWired for premium technology solutions, expert installation, and a responsive support staff. We are committed to providing the same experience your customers expect from you. We do technology so you don’t have to.

IT Managed Services 24/7

Proactive Management 

We monitor your IT systems around the clock, resolve issues before they cause you problems, and constantly work maintain productivity and security.

Custom MDU Gateway Controllers

UnWired has developed a line of custom gateway controllers and tools purpose built for the Sr. Living, Apartments, and other amenity network management needs. We provide total control of Resident and Guest internet access.

Alexa for Assisted Living

Unwired Engineering is one of a few select Amazon for Hospitality (AWS) developers. We have developed Custom Skills, conducted clinical testing and is now offering ALEXA Skills for senior living communities around the U.S.

Wifi & Cable Engineering & installation

Certified design and engineering staff can design, quote, and install structured cabling and enterprise wireless networks per your unique project needs.

DirecTV MDU Provider

UnWired is an MDU service provider.  We design, install and support community wide DirecTV solutions.

Safe and Secure

Nothing is more critical than the safety of your residents.  We install and support Emergency Responce, Fire Safety, Access Control, Video Servalance, VOIP, & resilient networks solutions


The technician was super patient, responsive, took time to resolve the issue, and was courteous. I was so relieved once the printer was able to work again. 

American Groves

Some of Our Favorite Technology Partners

Ready to find out more?

Unwired Engineering has experience with a wide variety of network deployments. We will design, deploy and if you need it, support your network 24/7. Reach out to us today to learn more on how we can help you reach your technology goals.

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